This past Sunday J.T. Rosborough entered a team in the 23rd Annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden, ME. Team “Wicked Risky” consisted of the owner of the agency; Mark Rosborough, along with Personal Lines agents Ashley Rosborough and myself; Derek Cole.

Wicked Risky – 23rd Annual Toboggan Championships

Bringing a rough bottomed L.L. Bean toboggan, we quickly found out we weren’t fully prepared to take on the serious competitors with their ski waxed sleds and crazy costumes. With a run time of 10.21 seconds, “Wicked Risky” was the 3rd slowest team in the 3 man division to fly down the ice coated wooden chute, earning the nickname “Wicked Slow”.

With only one run, “Wicked Risky” spent the rest of the day with fellow racers on the frozen pond below the chute as teams ripped down at speeds of 35 MPH. A great time was had by all and plans are already being made to return next year with a smoother sled and hopes of earning the nickname “Wicked Fast”!