Thank you for the care and attention you paid to my claim for the auto accident. It was very reassuring to know you were fighting the battle for me. We really appreciated all the calls and emails keeping us up to date on what was happening. We were also surprised (though I suppose we shouldn’t have been) that Mark Rosborough took the time to drive directly to the auto dealership and service department to talk with them, and then stop in and fill us in on what was happening. I fear my claim would have turned out quite differently if I had been with another agency.

I’ve always recommended J.T. Rosborough to friends, now we have even more reasons to recommend your agency and the care and concern you have for you customers.

Walter and Karen Simmons

Customers of J.T. Rosborough for over 30 years

J.T. Rosborough Inc. has saved us a lot of money on our personal and commercial policies. Having an agent in the Stonington office is AWESOME!! Being able to sit down face to face, one on one, locally to discuss our insurance needs makes it sooo much more convenient. My questions and concerns are always addressed quickly and everything is explained in an easy to understand manner.

Give them a try – it doesn’t cost anything to ask and you will probably save money!!

Jennifer Steele

Co-owner, Island Fishing Gear/NAPA in Stonington